Enter the values per service that you want to use. Per service are all fields required, except mail port and mail authentication values.

Select per message the service so send the notification. You can have everyting per email, and important ones per pushover or telegram.

Use %rawdata% to get all the possible replacement values. Then create your own message with variables like %now% and %current%. This can be done in either the title and message.

Make sure you submit the form after making changes!

Email Settings

Display Settings

Twitter Settings

Pushover Settings

Telegram Settings

Webhook Settings

Messages Settings

Authentication warning
Door toggle closed
Door toggle open
Environment conductivity alarm high off
Environment conductivity alarm high on
Environment conductivity alarm low off
Environment conductivity alarm low on
Environment humidity alarm high off
Environment humidity alarm high on
Environment humidity alarm low off
Environment humidity alarm low on
Environment light alarm high off
Environment light alarm high on
Environment light alarm low off
Environment light alarm low on
Environment moisture alarm high off
Environment moisture alarm high on
Environment moisture alarm low off
Environment moisture alarm low on
Environment ph alarm high off
Environment ph alarm high on
Environment ph alarm low off
Environment ph alarm low on
Environment temperature alarm high off
Environment temperature alarm high on
Environment temperature alarm low off
Environment temperature alarm low on
Environment watertank alarm high off
Environment watertank alarm high on
Environment watertank alarm low off
Environment watertank alarm low on
Sensor alarm high
Sensor alarm low
Switch toggle off
Switch toggle on
System error
System warning
Webcam motion